EORs is Petroleumsoft’s analytics software for primary screening and selection in enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

Engineers in the upstream oil & gas industry use EORs to analyze data, day-in day-out, powerfully and intuitively. EORs assists stimulation teams with field selection for EOR operations.

After the initial recommendation and selection of multiple EOR techniques, EORs models recommended EOR techniques individually to calculate the incremented oil recovery (over water flooding), improvement in displacement efficiency, and time to breakthrough.

EORs models chemical (e.g., low-salinity, polymer, surfactant, alkaline– surfactant, and alkaline–surfactant–polymer), water alternating gas, miscible, and immiscible gas flooding. Through sensitivity analysis, the software generates low-, mid-, and high-probability recovery profiles to estimate worst, base, and best cases of recovery options for field development.

For both brown and green fields, EORs models the improvement in displacement efficiency, incremented oil recovery, and time to breakthrough, thus providing a clear understanding of which EOR technique is suitable for a reservoir and why.

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