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Petroleumsoft has more than 15 years of experience in developing numerical simulation software for the oil & gas industry. We have expertise in the analysis and optimization of acid stimulation, hydraulic fracturing, downhole scale prevention, and enhanced oil recovery. We provide complimentary  simulation technologies that big players in the industry have overlooked.  Specifically, we provide state-of-the-art software for acid job design, fracturing job design, scale squeeze job design, and EOR screening. These technologies empower exploration and production operators. 

As a technical consultancy firm, we specialize in the supply of technology for the analysis and optimization of downhole chemical treatments (such as matrix acidization, scale inhibition, and fracturing) and enhanced oil recovery (EOR).  Our mission is to provide clients with the highest quality technology and services, allowing them to maximize the value of their oil & gas assets. 


Powerful Software for EOR Screening in Planning Field Development

EORs is analytical software used by reservoir engineers to quickly, easily, and robustly evaluate options in selecting the best enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technique when planning field development. EORs makes rapid comparisons of different agents (e.g., polymers, surfactants, alkaline–surfactant–polymer, low-salinity agents, gas, water alternating gas, CO2, thermal agents, low-tension gas, and foam) for field implementation. The software assists in the estimation of the incremented recovery, cumulative production, and breakthrough time for chemical flooding, miscible and immiscible gas flooding, water-alternating-gas flooding, and steam flooding.


StimOPTI is a robust matrix acid job design and analysis software for real-time analysis, pre/post production analysis, acid placement/distribution and job/recipe design.” to “StimOpti is robust matrix acid job design and analysis software used by engineers for real-time analysis, pre/post production analysis, acid placement/distribution, and job/recipe design.


ProdOpti is analytical software that assists oil & gas companies in field monitoring and production optimization. The software uses advanced regression methods of data science and artificial intelligence to trend the production history, predict future oil production, and allocate injector impacts of the individual well and cumulative field production. ProdOpti is comprehensive software used by engineers to monitor and optimize the performance of each well in a field through a single analysis window.


Cutting-edge Numerical Simulation Software for Fracturing Job Design, Optimization, and Pre/post-production Analysis.

FracAdvance is numerical simulation software used by engineers in effective hydraulic fracturing (acid and proppant) job design, optimization, and post-production analysis. The software assists engineers in maximizing post-fracture oil production and reducing fracturing costs.

FracAdvance was founded on decade-long research and development by a team of petroleum engineers. Its proven technology was verified in a long series of field case studies.

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